Jivo Snickers Bar
Video Recipe
Jivo Snickers
Cashew nuts
200 gr
Weight before soaking
Green buckwheat
250 gr
Weight before soaking and sprouting
Peeled, soaked in water, then roasted
peanut butter
200 gr
Pure peanut paste, no other ingredients
May be substituted with almond, cashew, or other nut butter
sunroot syrup
200 gr + 240 gr
Also called Jerusalem artichoke, earth apple, or topinambur
May be substituted with other sugar-free natural syrups
coconut milk
200–300 gr
Fresh ginger
5–7 gr
Cut into small cubes
Vanilla Stevia liquid
to taste
Vanilla pods or alcohol-free vanilla extract also works
Fresh Lemon juice
half a lemon
Pink himalayan salt
coconut oil
240 gr
At room temperature
Step-by-step Instructions
Prepare buckwheat sprouts
◦ Rinse green buckwheat with water
◦ Soak in clean water for 1 hour
◦ Drain the water and rinse again
◦ Leave overnight to sprout in a warm place
◦ Rinse once again
Prepare cashew nuts
◦ Soak overnight in cold water
◦ Or 4–5 hours in hot water
◦ Drain the water and rinse well
Prepare peanuts
◦ Soak peeled peanuts in clean water for 1 hour
◦ Drain the water and rinse well
◦ Spread the nuts on a baking tray
◦ Roast in the oven at 180 °C for about 2 hours
◦ Keep the oven door slightly ajar
◦ While roasting, give it an occasional stir
◦ Towards the end, lower the temperature to 150 °C
◦ Take out of the oven and let it cool
◦ When ready, the peanuts should be crunchy
Peanut caramel
Mix together 200 gr peanut butter, 200 gr sunroot syrup, and 2 pinches pink Himalayan salt
Cashew-buckwheat crème
◦ Combine soaked cashews (300 gr), buckwheat sprouts (300 gr), sunroot syrup (240 gr), ginger, lemon juice, vanilla, salt, and coconut milk (200–300 gr, depending on consistency)
◦ Mix in a blender until you have a smooth paste
◦ Pour in 240 gr coconut oil and blend again
◦ Taste. Add more lemon juice or salt if needed
Bar assembly
◦ Pour caramel into a mould (silicone ice tray)
◦ Spread the caramel with a spoon
◦ Add your roasted peanuts and dip them into caramel
◦ Top up all cells with the crème
◦ Flatten the tops with a scraper spatula
◦ Shake the moulds to get rid of air bubbles
◦ Leave in the freezer overnight
Prepare the chocolate
If using store-bought chocolate, make sure to get the dark kind (not milk). And you might need to add some vegetable oil to melted store-bought chocolate to avoid cracking
Decorate with chopped peanuts